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Hope you like these pictures!
And if you want an art trade with me, I'll be happy to take em.

NOTE: To my mother and father, do not delete ANY of my posted dA pics, or I'll seriously be p*ssed off. I'm losing memory and it's my last option. If you do delete something, and tell me, I'll bloody get well annoyed and possibly start getting off on the wrong damned hoof.


Not everyone is great but follow your heart!


:RQ: Omniwave by BabyBunnyBun

Omnipony, one of the biggest Bronies ever known, espically thanks to BronyDanceParty's PMV VIP Clouds, which is a pony remix by Omnipon...

'For my Fans' - Lily's Poster by BabyBunnyBun

People think that the best art needs to be the most OUTSTANDING peice of work, well, IT DOESN'T! It's about the work and beauty and pur...

You know what, Gwen...? by Venetia-TH

Gwevin, one of the strongest couples in the Ben 10 series ever, this cute couple are different, here's proof: Kevin is an Osmoasian whi...

Question by Capukat
by Capukat

This has a wolf's strength, a 3-D feel and has a beautiful design, the wolf glaring eyes show that this wolf is anxious, the sparkles a...


Wanna be in a FANFIC

If you wanna be in a fanfic, then just comment! Love ya'll! ;)

What Bronies Artists do you like?

I'm into Glaze/WoodenToaster, Mic the Microphone, JackleApp, the LivingTombstone, H8_seed and BronyDanceParty. Now, many of ya'll be thinking "Why don't you like IBringDaLULZ!?" I do like him, just not as much as I like the other lot, I'm not that found of LULZ, but I'm not saying he is terrible, no no no, not my point in anyway, I would say "Meh" for him. But still, he should never give up, he isn't that bad so he has to make his life the best he can, and at this rate, I believe he will.


Just did something amazing YAY A long time dream I've always had. LOL I'm not sure if it's gonna get picked, but whatever, if it doesn't, don't mind ;)
Wed Mar 26, 2014, 10:05 AM
Me and Miss-Alz are going to be working on something, better keep your eye out for it ;)
Mon Jan 20, 2014, 10:09 AM
Sun Jan 12, 2014, 3:46 PM
DO NOT mention J-Peg or I'll bucking kill you
Sun Jan 12, 2014, 12:15 PM
No, I don't, for a more fact, I have brown hair, hence why Fireness had brown hair and why Suzanna was completely brown.
Sun Dec 8, 2013, 4:58 AM
do you have natural red hair?
Mon Oct 21, 2013, 5:28 PM
She died in September
Mon Oct 14, 2013, 10:11 AM
My gran died, so, no new things for her, terribly sorry, but PMVs will be stopped until next year, I'm not so confident in myself about them anymore
Mon Oct 14, 2013, 10:11 AM
For everyone's sake, I don't understand foreign languages. You must speak in English to me
Thu Aug 29, 2013, 10:32 AM
Hey I'm thinking of posting my pony pics but it won't let me...
Tue Jul 30, 2013, 3:53 PM





I have made an explanation on my tumblr about why I'm being absent for the next while. Read up, as I'll be deleting the post soon.…
Art production is gonna be slow. Something terrible has happened and I'm needing space. I hope you understand.
The Attack Of Michino Mura by Fire-Blast-Scotland
The Attack Of Michino Mura

This is a piece inspired by the most recent chapters of my fanfiction "Knife". Wattpad is down at the moment, but once it's back up, I'll give you the link!!
To whoever gave me a core membership: thank you so much!
Welcome To Our Dollhouse by Fire-Blast-Scotland
Welcome To Our Dollhouse
What happens when you mix Phan, Harley Quinn and the Joker together, while listening to "Dollhouse" by Melanie Martinez? This apparently.
I have made an explanation on my tumblr about why I'm being absent for the next while. Read up, as I'll be deleting the post soon.…


Magnet based couple pics
Cannon, non-cannon, fictional, real, you name it, just name a couple and you'll get a Magnet based picture ("Magnet" being the song by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka).
Valentine's/Easter Exclusive

It's only valid on these dates: Valentine's (Feb 14th), April (all of April, to be precise) and the last three days of May.

Happy Halloween
Dragla - Halloween by Fire-Blast-Scotland
Flarelicious Halloween by Fire-Blast-Scotland
Captain JackTHerbert by Fire-Blast-Scotland
Available any time of the year, this will be a bit of a The Nightmare Before Christmas section, but when Halloween comes around, the fun begins, when Xmas is around though, special edition Halloween as Christmas town editions are available! 
Beaches/Seas/Hawaii/Lilo And Stitch
He Mele No Lilo by Fire-Blast-Scotland
Beaches, seas, Hawaii or Lilo And Stitch, want your character in a  summery picture? I am sure I can give it to you!

This will be the more expensive one, but let me tell you, I'll make it worth your while!
Ask Blog Art
If you run an ask blog on here or tumblr, I'll be happy to help your Ask So And So step up a notch.
Pony/Non-Pony Posters/Song Cover Art
Pipsqueak/TheDumplingz Poster by Fire-Blast-Scotland
All The Wonders - Cover Art by Fire-Blast-Scotland
If it's for a background for a song or just for making something unique, both of these are available from me.
Pony + Another Creature + Cutie Mark Background w/ optional name
JackTHerbert (Pony and Cat) by Fire-Blast-Scotland
If you want one of these for a friend or yourself, I'll be happy to draw you a cool, sassy, aggressive, weird, strange, unique or mythical creature alongside your pony OC.

Thanks for dropping by!


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Fire Blast
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I am a 15 year old Brony artist and I am Mormon.
As of now, big things are going on, and I also have a tumblr.
If you want to follow me on tumblr, I'm Fire-Blast-Pegasus! Or use this link:

MLP facts!

Favourite MLP Character: Rainbow Dash
Favourite Princess: Luna or Cadence, can't decide.
Favourite EQG: Sunset Shimmer
Favourite Villain: Nightmare Moon
Favourite Background Pony: Carrot Top

Brony facts!

Fave musician: Glaze/WoodenToaster
Fave rapper: Mic the Microphone
Fave artist: Twigileia
Fave animator: BronyDanceParty
Fave Singer: H8_seed
Fave voice actress: Tara Strong
Fave actress singer: Michelle Creber
Fave VLOGer: ACRacebest
Fave Video Maker: JackTHerbert
Fave Comedy Guy: Pipsqueak/TheDumplingz
Cutest Brony OC: Pipsqueak/TheDumplingz
Fave Griffin Character: Gryph by BlackGryph0n

Ben 10 Facts!

Fave Character: Kevin Levin (mature)
Fave villain: Don't have one
Fave alien: XLR8
Fave Shipping: GweVin


Fave Hero: Ghost Rider or the Incredible Hulk
Fave Series (TV): Super Hero Squad
Fave Movie: Avengers Assemble
Fave Female Character: Betty Ross
Fave Villain: Don't have one
Fave Shipping: Betty Ross and Bruce Banner

Disney Facts:

Fave Character: Simba (TLK)
Fave Song: I Just Can't Wait To Be King (TLK)
Fave Movie: The Lion King
Fave Villain: I guess it'd be Scar (TLK)
Fave Anti-Villain: Kovu (TLK2)
Fave Shipping: Rapunzel and Eugene 'Flynn Rider'
Cutest Movie: Bolt
Best Theme Song: I Thought I Lost You - Miley Cyrus and John Travolta (Bolt)
Fave TV series: High School Musical (that's the only one I can relate to)
Worst Character: Sharpay Evans (HSM - P.s. She's just a stuck up chick)
Worst Movie: Pinocchio
Scariest Movie: Snow White
Weirdest Movie: That Toy Story trailer for Sky

Sonic Facts!

Fave Character: Sonic or Tails, can't decide!
Fave Shipping: SonAlly
Fave Female Character: Sally Acorn
Worst Character: Scourge The Hedgehog
Worst Shipping: ScourgeXFiona
Fave Robot: None
Worst Robot: Mecha Sally
Worst Villain: Dr Robotnik
Cutest Character: Cream The Rabbit
Favourite Chao: Cheese and Chocola Chao!

Read desc. before asking questions on my pictures please, thank you.

UPDATE: Yes, I've finally conquered my anxiety and got permission to upload a selfie on tumblr, so why not show who the actual hell I am?


Please, please, PLEASE, do not show me any type of NSFW (I mean pornography), as it makes me extremely sick and quezy. I am asexual, which makes it worst. I beg of you, PLEASE DO NOT SHOW ME ANY TYPE OF PORNOGRAPHY, or I'll be forced to ban you, friend or not.

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So, since I'm making a BTR VS TwentyTen picture, I bet you guys would like to vote on which of their songs should get mixed, DON'T PUT IT ON YT UNLESS YOU ASK BTR FOR RIGHTS, I'll leave a few suggestions of songs you could mix, so, ya'll ready? 

2 deviants said (TwentyTen song of your choice) VS Big Night VS Nightmare Night + Lost On The Moon VS Epic
1 deviant said I Know You Know VS Filly Cannon VS Big Time VS Movin' On
1 deviant said Decide the mix list yourself
No deviants said Elevate VS Obsolete VS Epic VS Beyond Her Tomb
No deviants said Boyfriend VS Heartmender VS Till I Forget About You VS Baby Got Flank VS Epic VS Been Dreamin' (Thank You Rap) VS Elevate VS Louise the Lab Rat
No deviants said Obsolete VS Big Time VS Filly Canon VS (BTR song of your choice)
No deviants said Elevate + Epic VS Beyond Her Tomb + Movin' On

Music request

If there is any Brony music maker, I'd love if a track could be made to one of my songs. I've felt left out by the Bronydom many times, and I know that Imma Brony and I shouldn't forget that, so please, do one little thing for me, and I'll do *something in return.



:icondjmirnum: :iconnijinyunyu: :iconsparkytrainer25: :iconlunasgonnaloon: :iconaxelfirekirby:

My gran

... Sorry, but I'll be distracted for a while, she.. Let's say, is lost.


Snow Leopard by akeli

Snow Leopard

by akeli


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